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Name : Taiki
Gender : Female
Age at Start of Comic : 16
Current Age : 16
Siblings : Adam and Vincent
First Appearance : Chapter 1, Pg 1

Bio : Taiki is a very shy girl who doesn't like conflict. Some people like to take advantage of this and embarrass her and make her blush because it's easy and apparently fun to do. She likes to draw and play video games (especially with her brothers). Her brother who is a year older than her is named Adam and her brother that is 5 years younger than her is named Vincent. A lot of people say that her and her brothers look a lot alike but she doesn't really see the resemblance. She used to live in California (USA) but moved to Arizona with her brothers in the 8th grade with her grandmother after some family conflict. This is also when she met Nikki and they have been best friends ever since.