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Name : Raine
Gender : Female
Age at Start of Comic : 16
Current Age : 16
Siblings : Sister
First Appearance : Chapter 1, Pg 45

Bio : Raine is a very expressive person and loves Lil very much. They are always together when they are at school, whether it's doing school work or making out. Her favorite thing to do when she's not with Lil is learning different languages and hopes to be fluent in multiple languages in the future. She has an older half sister named Amy that she doesn't really talk to much. She doesn't like being at home because she doesn't get along with her family a lot of the time and also thinks it's boring there, so she goes out a lot to Lil's house and parties with her and her friends most nights. She also wants to help Taiki break out of her shell and make her more confident as well as help her discover herself. She may joke around a lot, but she has a serious side that shows every once in a while.