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Name : Nikki
Gender : Female
Age at Start of Comic : 15 (almost 16)
Current Age : 16
Siblings : Kai
First Appearance : Chapter 1, Pg 4

Bio : Nikki is quite a reserved person but speaks her mind when the topic is something important to her. She doesn't like it when people act out immaturely or are loud, which make is kind of hard for her to be friends with Haruka at first. She is Taiki's best friend since middle school and they're very close. She's also pretty close with her brother Kai who is a year older than her. In fact, they have very similar hair styles which Nikki dyes for the both of them. She likes to sew and makes a lot of her own clothes and hopes to be a fashion designer when she's older. She loves wearing black and is very punkish and it's what she loves and wants to design. She also has a secret obsession with bunny rabbits and designed a sadistic looking rabbit as her logo for the clothing brand she wants to make.