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Name : Marco
Gender : Male
Age at Start of Comic : 17
Current Age : 17
Siblings : Younger sister
First Appearance : Chapter 2, Pg 12

Bio : Marco is Kai and Alex's best friend is very friendly. He gets pretty hyper at times and gets along well with Haruka, which annoys Kai but he always lets it go. Marco likes to have fun and live life to the fullest and doesn't let things get him down. He also thinks that he is pretty sexy though he doesn't have fan girls like Kai does. He's also friends with Samael and Micheal from their band. They have yet to name their band though because Kai never likes the names that they come up with. He really wants to move to Los Angeles when he graduates because he loves big cities and he hopes to find a college to his liking there. He is also obsessed with things that have skulls on it and is a active gamer.