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Name : Lil
Gender : Female
Age at Start of Comic : 16
Current Age : 16
Siblings : Sister
First Appearance : Chapter 1, Pg 45

Bio : Lil is first spotted making out with Raine, and they are often seen like that. Her and Raine are the school lesbians that everyone knows about. Well, except Taiki, at first. She used to go to a different school before meeting Raine and when her friends all dropped out to follow their dreams, she switched schools to be with Raine. She is usually the one that calms Raine down when she gets over excited, but sometimes she just eggs it on and then all heck breaks loose. She speaks her mind and is not shy at all when it comes to most anything. She's also fun loving and likes to party with Raine and their friends who do not go to their school. She has a younger sister named Tabi that doesn't live with her because she actually lives with roommates/friends and not her family for personal reasons.