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Name : Haruka
Gender : Female
Age at Start of Comic : 17
Current Age : 17
Siblings : Daisuke
First Appearance : Chapter 1, Pg 27

Bio : Haruka is very loud and likes attention. She is also obsessed with gossip and collecting information on people and knowing what's what in everyone's lives. This freaks out a lot of people so she doesn't really have all that many friends, though deep down she's a very sweet girl. She also has a hobby singing and is in choir. Her dream is to one day be a singer and to become famous so she can learn all the scoops of celebrities first hand. Unfortunately she spends too much time obsessing over everyone else's lives and doesn't really pay attention to what's going on in her own. She failed a lot of classes and is a year behind. So even though she's a year older than Taiki and Nikki, she is in the same classes as them and will be attending high school for an extra year. She also has a younger brother named Daisuke that she finds annoying and always catches him flirting with her friends and has to shoo him away. They don't get along very well but she doesn't seem to mind all that much.