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Q . Why a webcomic?

A. Well I started designing the characters in 2003/04 and after a while they just started coming together. In the summer of 2006 when I started college I had a lot of free time and my friends kept telling me that they wanted to read the story I was always drawing the characters for. So I started the comic at first for just me and my friends to read and after a while other people started finding it and liking it.

Q. Why Taiki?

A. When I was in middle school, I moved to a new school and got a new group of friends who were anime junkies like I was. The entire group had Sailor Moon nicknames for which every Sailor Scout they were most like. After I came into their group they decided that I was most like Taiki (Sailor Star Maker) because I at the time had long brown hair and glasses. haha The name just stuck so I went with it as my online username for everything.

Q. Why do you suck with your update schedule?

A. I'm sorry about that, I really am. I work full time job and do other non-Taiki artwork on the side. I know for the past few years I did not update very often but as of 2012 it was my New Year’s resolution to not miss any updates so I could finish the entire comic story by the end of the year. So far I have not missed any but I have been late a few times but I always get the missing pages up as soon as possible. I greatly appreciate your patience.

Q. Why is Taiki's hair white in the comic even though her hair is brown? Shouldn't it be darker since Alex's is also white and she's blonde?

Taiki, Nikki, and Haruka are the main characters in the comic and originally I wanted them each to have a different shades of hair in the actual comic. Nikki's was obviously black and Haruka's is light gray so I made Taiki's white. I really wanted them to have contrasting hair colors to each other. Now that I look back on it I probably should have at least switched Taiki and Haruka’s hair shades in the comic but when I first started drawing Taiki as she is now, I drew her mostly in black and white (no shades of gray at all) so her hair was always white so I think it just felt like the natural choice to make it white in the comic. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Q. What is that triangle thing that Taiki always wears on her shirt?

A. Well since this is kinda based off of my life and Taiki represents me, I wanted her to have a symbol to represent my obsession with the brand Volcom. I love Volcom and since I can't use that actual logo, Taiki has the broken triangle symbol. Besides the fact that it's also like the logo for this comic now. haha

Q. What's with the band? They don't even have a name.

A. Originally the only 2 band members that were ever going to be shown was Kai and his best friend. I didn't have a design for a best friend for Kai that I liked so I held the Design a Character Contest and Marco was the one that won first place. I liked the 2nd place and 3rd place winners so much that I wanted to put them in the comic as well, so I gave them minor roles as the other 2 band members that weren't originally going to be shown. The reason there isn't a name for the band is because it wasn't supposed to have such a big role in the comic and I never named it. Though I do like the direction it went and if anyone has any suggestions for a name, let me know. The reason I put a band in the comic in the first place was because at my high school there was a popular group of kids that did start a band and it was pretty popular among the students so I wanted to show that.

Q. What do you do with the donation money?

A. I put it towards advertising on other sites and to help pay for the domain that I own. None of it goes to personal use.

Q. Are you gay?

A. If you really want to know, I am a lesbian.

That's all I can think of right now so yeah... I hope I answered what you wanted to know.