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About the Webcomic:

It is about a girl named Taiki and her life in her second half of high school and what it's like to discover her sexuality and all the crazy stuff that comes with that. Originally it was supposed to be a 50/50 autobiography of my life, but it has started evolving into something of it's own. There are some situations based on things that really happened while other parts are going to be there just for fun and to make it more interesting. Which means that a few of the characters in this are based off of real people that I know and that's what makes it fun to draw.

The comic is now finished, it ran from August 18th, 2006 until December 28th 2012.

About the Artist:

My name is Laura Knatt, I started drawing comics when I was very young, around 9 or 10. Mostly fan comics about Pokemon but then when I was in middle school I started writing original stories. After I graduated high school I started Taiki mainly for just my friends but then other people found it and started reading it. I didn’t really get into the world of Webcomics right away so I went to college for Graphic Design. While in college I found that there were hundreds of webcomics out there and some people make a living off of them. I got really into it and I hope to one day finish many comics.

If you wish to contact me, you can send me an e-mail at: Taikiwebcomic@yahoo.com

Other places you can find me :
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